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Mon – Fri  7:30am – 5pm  •  Sat & Sun  8:30am – 5pm
Closed Holidays

METALS SHOP: 524 David St.

Mon – Sat  8am – 4:30pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays

COMMERCIAL YARD: 2525 Bridge St.

Mon – Sat  7am – 5pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays

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Cost $13* (per visit)  •  $52* Card (5th visit free) Includes:

  • Tin cans + Steel
  • Rigid Plastics
  • Glass Jars
  • Cardboard
  • Mixed Waste Paper, includes brown paper, cereal boxes, egg cartons
  • Newspaper, includes inserts
  • Office Paper, includes all other types of paper

* Plus GST


  • Car & Household Batteries
  • Household Paint
  • Some Pesticides + Solvents (see attendant)


  • All Non-ferrous Metals like aluminium, copper wire + pipe, Lead, Zinc, Brass Stainless Steel and Electrical Wiring. Call us at (250) 386-4342 for an up-to-date quote (prices subject to change).
  • Gasoline – Only in ULC approved containers. You receive $6 per gas can (limit 3 per year).


Latest from Ellice:

Free Recycling Items at Ellice Recycle

Common recyclable items such as mixed paper, tin cans, glass and plastics require a small fee when you visit our Victoria B.C. recycling facility. However, we do pay for you to drop off some materials, and for other items, we accept your drop-off for free!

The following items are accepted at Ellice for free recycling:

Photo credit Flickr user johnseb.

Photo credit Flickr user johnseb.

Car & Household Batteries

Batteries are items that can be very harmful to the environment if improperly disposed of, and for a long time, people did not know how to get rid of them correctly. Car and other vehicle batteries and your typical household batteries should never be placed in the garbage with non-recyclable waste – they are dangerous to the health of the environment and other living things. There are specific ways to responsibly and safely recycle and dispose of used batteries to be compliant with regulations and impact the environment as little as possible. Bring your batteries to Ellice Recycle for free! We do not charge you for your battery drop-offs.

Household Paint

Paints and stains are very harmful to the environment, and should never be left in dumpsters to then be disposed of in landfills. Leaking paint and stain wreak havoc on the health of our environment. When you recycle your household paint and stain by bringing it to Ellice for appropriate disposal, you can rest assured that the materials will be reused – keeping it away from landfills and waterways. We accept your paint and labeled stain containers as free recycling items, and then we send them to the Product Care Program to have it processed for reused for new paints, or binding agents in concrete or fuel.

Some Pesticides & Solvents

In addition to paints and stains, Ellice Recycle is happy to accept other household chemicals such as pesticides and solvents, free of any drop-off charges. You can drop off any insect pesticides, bug spray, paint thinners and acetone at our David Street location for appropriate disposal. We send any dangerous household chemicals through the Product Care Program for safe disposal by way of incineration at a facility that is inspected and permitted to do so by the federal government.

Bring these items to us for free drop-off, so that we can insure the items are recycled and/or disposed of in the most appropriate, safest way possible. Our David Street facility is open from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.


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