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Mon – Fri 7:30am-5pm  •  Sat – Sun 8:30am-5pm
       Closed Holidays

METALS SHOP524 David St.

 Mon – Sat 8am-4:30pm
        Closed Sundays and Holidays

COMMERCIAL YARD: 2525 Bridge St.

Mon – Sat 7am-5pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays

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VICTORIA BC RECYCLING FACILITY USER FEE Cost $10* (per visit)  •  $40* Card (5th visit free) Includes:

  • Tin cans + Steel
  • Rigid Plastics
  • Glass Jars
  • Cardboard
  • Mixed Waste Paper, includes brown paper, cereal boxes, egg cartons
  • Newspaper, includes inserts
  • Office Paper, includes all other types of paper

* Plus GST


  • Car & Household Batteries
  • Household Paint
  • Some Pesticides + Solvents (see attendant)


  • All Non-ferrous Metals like aluminium, copper wire + pipe, Lead, Zinc, Brass Stainless Steel and Electrical Wiring. Call us at (250) 386-4342 for an up-to-date quote (prices subject to change).
  • Gasoline – Only in ULC approved containers. You receive $6 per gas can (limit 3 per year).


Latest from Ellice:

Start Recycling! Common Items That Shouldn’t Go to The Landfill

Are you recycling as much as you can? Some items that shouldn’t go in the landfill, have been found to end up there anyway, causing toxic problems that harm our planet and our environment.

Here are some common things that you should start recycling, since they should not be thrown away to end up in the landfill…

Paint and Stain

Most people know that you should never, ever pour paint down the drain, and the effect is just as bad if you throw it away. Why? Because oil-based paints are flammable, toxic, and very harmful solvents that can cause serious problems if the cans break open and leak at the landfill. Bring your paint and stain to Ellice Recycle so that we can appropriately dispose of them.

Fluorescent Tubes and CFLs

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that your used fluorescent and CFL bulbs are just glass and a bit of wire. If they break in the trash, they actually release mercury in dangerous amounts! CFLs are eco-friendly, but only as it relates to their use of energy when lighting your home. Be sure to dispose of them the right way to keep environmentally-conscious and recycle them with Ellice.


Do not ever throw your used batteries, rechargeable batteries, or lithium ion batteries into the garbage! Batteries – even used up – contain chemicals that can infiltrate the water supply system and cause serious health and environmental risks. Bring your batteries of all kinds to Ellice for appropriate disposal. We ensure that they are handled in compliance with regulation and impact our environment as minimally as possible by taking them to a trusted partner who will recycle them correctly.

Pesticides and Gasoline

Throwing motor oil and gasoline away in the trash is actually illegal because of the high risk of contamination. By bringing your pesticides, gasoline, and other harmful solvents to Ellice, we can make sure that they are safely managed and disposed of. We can accept these items from you under our Product Care Program, under which the materials are safely obliterated by way of incineration in a facility inspected and permitted by the federal government.


Instead of throwing these items in your trashcan, bring them to us for appropriate disposal and waste management. Ellice Recycle will work with you to minimize the waste in our landfills and create a better community and world.

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